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Sarah hallas

The Vision

Sarah Hallas has over 19 years of experience in the financial services industry. She previously worked with a large bank in Sonoma County, supporting their advisor services group. As an avid runner, she recently completed her 37th marathon. Her tenacity and attention to detail make her an ideal client partner. Sarah works with Sonoma Wealth Advisors clients to assist them with their financial planning and investment portfolios. She enjoys working with her clients and hearing about their travels and life experiences. She lives in Cotati, California, with her boyfriend, Tom, and their son, Tommy Jr. When not running or working, she is taking care of her four dogs, three horses, two pet pigs, and a handful of other animals. 


Office Phone: (707) 241 4719


Best part of the job:

Hearing from the clients after their awesome vacation travels!

my Role

I work with clients every day helping them with their various financial needs

Relationship Management

We create a tailor-made plan that requires discipline and budgeting based on your life goals and values. We develop a close, active relationship to anticipate your needs and monitor your financial plan.

Client Account Servicing

Having a peaceful retirement begins with sound, comprehensive planning. We work with you to construct a roadmap and manage your wealth as you reach toward financial freedom in retirement.

New Client Onboarding

Effective investment management acts as the cornerstone of a well-crafted financial plan. As we develop your tailored portfolio, we invest in asset classes that align with your risk tolerance, individual goals and personal values. 

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