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We Believe in Taking Conscientious Steps

Toward Your Ideal
Financial Future

You Deserve to Work With
a Fiduciary Who Believes in:

Always Acting in Your Best Interest

Unfortunately for our industry, stating that you act wholeheartedly in your clients' best interest can be a big differentiator. But in our eyes, you hire us to empower your wealth. That means we work for you, not a large brokerage or firm.


We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all investment strategy, and we think you should be weary of anyone who does. Everyone requires an investment strategy that fits their unique situation, goals, risk tolerance and investing timelines. 

Asset Allocation and
Risk Management

Sonoma Wealth Advisors' investment strategy involves factor-based asset allocation. Managing portfolio risk and long-term capital return expectations is at the forefront of our portfolio allocation and management strategy. We believe in investing for the long term.

Budgeting as a Means to Reach
Financial Independence

A solid financial plan starts with solid budgeting skills and habits. Living on a budget and managing one's money takes an enormous amount of discipline. However, it's crucial to your financial success, and our coaching supports you in maintaining a budget over the long-term.

Balancing Emotional Intelligence
and Financial Acumen

Investments go up, and they go down. This can be emotionally taxing. Part of our role as investment professionals is to help our clients navigate those ups and downs. We do this by using a coaching-based philosophy to keep our clients congruent to their financial plan.

We’re Here to Be Your

If our mission complements your own,  the next step is
to see if our team’s credentials and approach are in line with your needs.

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