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Laying The Groundwork For Success

We Make The Path To Your Goals Clear
We offer financial planning, asset management, & financial coaching services

At Sonoma Wealth Advisors, our mission is to guide clients to financial success. Today's investor faces a myriad of challenges- headlines, taxes, life changes, law changes and yes, even robots! That's why we offer guidance through listening, coaching, and supporting you as you navigate your financial future. We work alongside you coordinating all categories of assets into a comprehensive, evolving plan built around the things you care about most. We are here to help you stay prepared for any twists and turns that life may throw your way.

How Does The Process Work?
Step 1
Call: Introductions

A 15-minute phone call will allow us both a chance to meet each other and ensure your situation matches our expertise.

Step 2
Meeting: Financial Review

In this one-hour in-person or virtual meeting, we will take a deep dive into your financial needs, goals, and concerns. Our team will gather extensive financial information to complete our analysis. Please have your recent investment account statements, two years of tax returns,and your real estate and mortgage information ready.

Step 3

It's time for us to put in the work! Using the information you've shared with us, we analyze your situation and develop your financial plan, including- types of accounts, recommended investments and tax strategy. We prepare our assessment for presentation to you at the next meeting.

Step 4
Meeting: Your Financial Plan

In this thirty minute in-person or virtual meeting, we walk you through your financial plan. We identify opportunities for growth, tax efficiency and how Sonoma Wealth Advisors can guide you to your financial goals.  You review our findings and decide if what we're offering is right for you.  We pride ourselves on a respectful environment.  Moving forward with us is your choice.

Step 5
Implementation + Support

Let's go! Our advisors and client service pros begin the paperwork, the signatures and the details to bring you onboard as a Sonoma Wealth client.  You can look forward to a straightforward process with constant communication, and a first step toward achieving your financial goals. 

Then what?

This study from the Financial Planning Association showed that investors value quick communication with their financial advisor as a top 3 skill, ahead of technology, tax planning and even maximizing returns.  When you become a Sonoma Wealth client, your journey with us is just the beginning.  Expect regular meetings, emails, updates, and answers to your questions, which are always a phone call away. 

Is your current plan getting you where you want to go? Do you have a current financial plan? 

We'll help you start, wherever you are in your wealth journey, with our Free Wealth Analysis.


Free Wealth Analysis
We take the time to get to know you well. So, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective, or second opinion, take the first step.