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If you find yourself frustrated with your advisor only focusing on one aspect of your financial picture, you’re not alone. We’ve been there and that’s why we’ve built our practice around providing you with guidance based on your complete financial picture — as well as equipping you with the tools and skills you need to make smart day-to-day money choices.

At Sonoma Wealth Advisors, our comprehensive approach is designed to ensure all your wealth management needs are fulfilled — putting you on a clear path toward a healthy financial future.

The Keys to a Flourishing Relationship

Fee-Based Planning Sonoma CA, Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Trust & Transparency

Knowing each other well and sharing common values are at the root of great relationships. We bring you transparency in fees and investment horizons — and work closely with you to earn your trust.

Fiduciary Oath Sonoma CA, Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Staying Connected

Effective communication is essential in every partnership. We know you work hard and lead a busy life which is why we offer flexible communication on your terms — we’re here whenever you need us.

Certified Financial Planning Solutions Sonoma CA, Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Realizing the Dream

We help empower you to grow your financial knowledge and guide you towards realizing your financial aspirations. We equip you with the tools needed to be prepared for all life has to offer.

Helping you Grow A Healthy Financial Future.

Every journey is unique and no matter where you are on life’s journey, we’ll be by your side helping you reach your goals and discover your unique vision of the future. Our team of experienced advisors are there to help give you peace of mind and the freedom to create special moments and meaning in your life.

When a Loved One Dies

There’s no way to truly be prepared for the death of a loved one. It can be overwhelming to navigate the important decisions that need to be made while dealing with the emotion of it all. This guide can help walk you through the choices and actions needed to prepare for your own next chapter.

TOP 10


Are you in search of the best financial advisor? Our extensive guide showcases the top 10 questions you should always ask when interviewing a prospective financial advisor.


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