Tax Planning

Guiding You To Efficiencies And Savings


Sonoma Wealth Advisors knows that it's definitely possible to be paying more tax when you're not working, then when you did!

The essence of tax planning is a careful process of seeking and maximizing appropriate efficiencies, within the bounds of the ever-changing tax laws.


Our Tax Planning Keys

Tech-Backed Tax Return Analysis

What secrets lie within your return?  Our FinTech crunches your numbers and our advisors guide you through potential savings opportunities.



Charitable Strategies

Hearing your desires to support organizations you care about and giving context to the potential tax advantages.

Annual Roth Conversions

Roth conversions every year can have tax benefits in certain situations.  This service is part of our ongoing commitment to you, our client.



Income Timing

When you take actions in retirement can result in different outcomes.  Our advisors help you create a roadmap for the most efficient distrubtions.


Tax Laws Change Annually


Can you keep up?

Let our experienced and accredited advisors and CPA show you what's possible with a deep dive into your latest tax return as part of our free wealth analysis.



Free Wealth Analysis

4000 Changes
to the tax code in last 10+ years

Including major changes that practically doubled the standard deduction, altered itemized deductions, saw increases for the Child Tax Credit, all while aiming to make taxes "simpler".  In 1913, the United States tax code could fit on a single page!  Now it spans over 174 and up to 10,000 sections.  Wonder what will change next year?


What is Tax Planning?

Navigating tax scenarios is often referred to as a "maze".  Put simply- the types of accounts, investments and moves you make can affect how much tax you owe.  With in-house tax professionals, our team can analyze your current situation, and plot out future arrangements to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax breaks, in accordance with the ever-changing tax codes.

Staff Specializing in Tax Planning

Our Northern California Tax Team

Dieter Stenger CPA

Certified Public Accountant

Dieter Stenger, CPA, provides clients with over 30 years of experience with his in-depth knowledge in accounting, payroll, and taxation.

Lindsey LaBrot, MBA

Tax Manager

Lindsey excels in building and maintaining strong client relationships, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and top-notch service.

Lisa Wiebelhaus

Staff Accountant

Lisa’s corporate and small business accounting and payroll experience has added value for our tax clients. Her dedication to accurate...

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