Russell Van Sistine, CFP®

Principal Advisor

From an early age, Russell looked up to medical professionals.  The idea of making a difference for someone, perhaps even saving their life, resonated for him.

As he went through school, learning his strengths, he wondered- could a financial advisor help too?  Finances are the underpinning of so much of our lives; would their 'health' also be impactful?

With a degree from Brigham Young University in Financial Economics, Russell began work at a nationally recognized brokerage firm and is now a Principal Advisor with Sonoma Wealth Advisors.  Through rigorous schooling and training, Russell earned accreditation as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.


Russell uses this combination, care and education, to guide his clients enthusiastically and passionately.  He lives for the opportunity to continue studying the ever-changing field of economics and finance and utilize his passion for service. Those in the medical profession are trained to heal the body. As a financial advisor, Russell likes to think he's doing his part to heal from a financial perspective.


Russell loves his family life with his wife, Jenny, and three children, Lexi, Oakley, and Tessa. The five of them love to explore the world through travel and books. Lexi and Oakley have been showing off their skills in Taekwondo classes! And Jenny and Russell always find a way to dance together, in the kitchen, at a restaurant or on the patio of another sunset evening.


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