Asset Protection

What Coverage Is Appropriate?


At Sonoma Wealth Advisors, we recognize that your financial picture, your complete financial picture, has multiple sides.  While investments are at the forefront of our approach, in appropriate situations, our advisors can recommend select insurance policies to protect the assets you already have.


Our Insurance Promises To You

It's Just Insurance.

Sonoma Wealth Advisors views select life insurance policies as protection from loss of income, nothing more.  Life insurance is not an investment unto itself.


Only When Appropriate

Just because you can buy life insurance does not mean it's in your best interest.  Our advisors analyze your situation and recommend only when necessary.


Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance


Do You Really Have It?

One study found that 29% of respondents thought they had some kind of long-term care coverage, but only 3.1% actually did.  The Department of Health and Human Services reports that 70% of people over 65 can expect to use long-term care in some capacity.  With the estimated nursing home cost at over $100,000, could your portfolio cover that out of pocket?  Let our advisors help you answer that question.


Free Wealth Analysis

82% of Americans
think Life Insurance costs more than it does

According to one study, over half of the respondents said they don't have life insurance because it's "too expensive."  Yet only 18% could accurately state the cost of a policy.  In another survey, 12% believed a pet could be a beneficiary.  Our advisors are prepared to give accurate pricing and beneficiary information during your wealth analysis.  Spoiler alert though- dogs can't get your life insurance policy.


What is Asset Protection?

Just as real estate has a standard amount of insurance, certain insurance products can also help protect your overall financial plan.  Our advisors can give guidance in appropriate situations where insurance tools can prevent your plan from getting off track. They are protection against critical events, not investments unto themselves.  Again, with Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) on staff, our advice is in your best interest.

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