Ben Sedillo, AAMS®, AIF®

Principal Advisor

Raised by his mom, Ben learned early on the importance of building a solid financial foundation. Growing up in the Central Valley of California, much of Ben’s childhood was spent working to contribute to the household finances. Imagine punching a clock for your grandparents in elementary school to earn money to buy school clothes.  Ben really did that! This kind of responsibility taught him the value of working hard, setting goals, and supporting loved ones.


Ben's commitment to service continued as he joined the military, serving in the United States Coast Guard.  Ben is proud to have been honorably discharged from the Guard, and soon began his career in finance at a nationally recognized bank, followed by Charles Schwab and now Sonoma Wealth Advisors. Ben is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS®) and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), a licensed and practicing Financial Advisor since 2007.


Ben's formative years guide him today as his clients face challenges building, maintaining, and transferring wealth. That's why Ben is passionate about understanding what's important to his clients beyond portfolios and figures.  Through thoughtful and specific planning, Ben helps his clients avoid the struggles he's seen in his own life. Ben's clients feel prepared for life events, and confident about achieving their financial dreams.


Outside of investing, Ben is a talented songwriter, a lucky husband to his wife, Mia, and a proud father to Grace , Ava, and Donovan. He cherishes his family and creating moments with them. Whether traveling, camping, or enjoying Sonoma County where he has lived since 2009, Ben sees his family as the center of his universe.


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