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Disclosure: Although the firm does not charge a fee for this appointment or free wealth analysis service, which offers the recipient educational information, the service is intended to result in the recipient establishing an advisory relationship.

You Might Be Asking...
Where Do My Investments Live When I Am A Client?
And how can I see them?

Sonoma Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor.  We have custodianship at Charles Schwab, meaning when you become a client, your investment accounts will be at Charles Schwab, accessible to you via Schwab's online portal.

Charles Schwab holds over $7 trillion in assets with over 34 million active accounts.

This hybrid relationship gives you the reliability of a large firm with the personal care and connection of a Sonoma Wealth Advisor you know.

How Does Sonoma Wealth Make Money?

The way in which Financial Advisors are paid is called a "fee structure". The two most common structures are commission-based or fee-based, while others charge transaction fees or hourly rates.  At Sonoma Wealth, we are a fee-based firm, meaning you pay a fee upfront, often times an annual percentage of assets, and all of our advice thereafter is in your best interest. Transparency in fees and charges is paramount in financial services. A financial advisor should be open about how they’re compensated — including whether they receive any commission or income from selling certain investment products.  At Sonoma Wealth, our advice is always what we believe serves you best, the mission our firm is for the value we provide to exceed the fee that is paid.

Do You Only Work With Clients In Sonoma?

We are grateful to serve so many families in-person at our offices across Northern California.  We also serve individuals and families across the country in many states.  Our firm is equipped to meet via videoconference, including adding a family member virtually to an in-person meeting.  We also like good old-fashioned phone calls too.  If your wealth journey takes you out of Sonoma County, or if you're currently out of Sonoma and looking for those North Bay values, we'll be there for you.

Do You Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics?


Who likes to feel like they're at a timeshare seminar?  Nobody.

"It's your money," says Sonoma Wealth Principal Chris Sipes.  "We'll give the advice, but at the end of the day it's your money."

We value respectful, equitable relationships with our clients, and with fiduciaries on-staff, you can trust that we are acting in your best interest.

Should Pineapple Be Allowed On Pizza?

While there is edge scientific evidence to support pineapple on pizza, the jury's still out in our office on the topic.  An overwhelming 85% of our team members say no, but a holdout 15% feels passionately that it brings a flavor profile unlike any other to a pie.  Most importantly, we wanted to share that while we are highly-qualified to provide financial advice, we also value a sense of humor in everything we do.  Hope you got a laugh!