Gaetano Bettinelli

Financial Advisor

Gaetano was born and raised in Napa Valley, where his family resided for five generations. Growing up in the small community of Saint Helena taught him many life lessons, including hard work, loyalty, staying true to your word, and handling all situations with integrity.

Gaetano has always felt called to serve others, which led him to serve his country in the Armed Forces. He attended the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned into the United States Marine Corps where he served for eight years. Today he is dedicated to leveraging his passion, energy, and expertise to help others achieve their personal financial goals.

Gaetano knows that successful outcomes are rarely the result of a single individual’s effort. His individual “highlight reel” moments including playing college football, completing multiple marathons and double marathons, running an Ironman Triathlon, going on numerous military deployments, and finishing his master's in business administration, support his two life pillars. First, success starts with a well thought out and intentional plan. Anything is possible when you dedicate yourself to a series of small, intentional steps that build on one another. Second, no accomplishment is achieved in isolation. Experts, mentors, coaches, and advisors (including financial advisors), who truly have your best interest at heart, significantly increase your probability of success.

Gaetano holds a Series 65 securities license with Sonoma Wealth Advisors, a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the United States Naval Academy, and a master's in business administration with a focus on finance from the University of California, Davis.

Gaetano lives in Napa with his wife and three children. He is blessed to live close to family including his parents, siblings, and many nieces and nephews. When he is not working or with his family, he enjoys volunteering at church, hiking in the mountains, or planning his next outdoor adventure.


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