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RusseLl Van Sistine, CFP®

The Vision

As a child, I remember talking to a stranger about her life as a physician. She beamed as she spoke of her patients, experiences and making a difference; the passion with which she spoke drove straight into me. I knew I wanted to live a life of service to others and I wanted to be a doctor. After high school, I was privileged to serve a two-year mission. I directly aided many different communities helping people move, cleaning houses for those that could not, praying with those who were sick; witnessing the joy as well as the suffering of others. This strengthened my desire to help.

At my first college mixer, I met the love of my life, Jenny. A year and a half later, we were married. Shortly thereafter, I got into my first college biology course where I realized quickly that it was not for me and I couldn't fathom the thought of studying it for the rest of my life. Then Jenny and I made the very sensible decision to go on a three-week tour of Europe with the business students. On that trip, I became close to one of the economics professors and through our conversations, I discovered that finance and economics are amazing and exciting, and I could be of service to others doing something I love. I now have a bachelor's degree in financial economics.

My wife, Jenny, and I now have three children, Lexi (6), Oakley (4), and Tessa (1). The five of us love to explore the world through travel and books. Jenny and I always find a way to dance together either in the kitchen or at the restaurants we visit. Lexi and Oakley are growing in skill in their Taekwondo classes. 

Being a financial advisor is having the opportunity to continue studying the ever-changing field of economics and finance and utilize my passion for service. I enjoy guiding my clients with enthusiasm and passion. Those in the medical profession are trained to do something that I dreamed of doing – they help people heal. As your financial advisor, I will help you remove and eliminate the emotional burden that can come with family finances, freeing you to focus on the things you are passionate about.

At your service,

Russell Van Sistine, CFP®

Best part of the job:

Experiencing the joy of others as they fulfill their dreams

My Role

I design and monitor evolving financial plans, manage investments, and help my clients make smart decisions with their money.

Financial Coaching

We create a tailor-made plan that requires discipline and budgeting based on your life goals and values. We develop a close, active relationship to anticipate your needs and monitor your financial plan.

Retirement Planning

Having a peaceful retirement begins with sound, comprehensive planning. We work with you to construct a roadmap and manage your wealth as you reach toward financial freedom in retirement.


Effective investment management acts as the cornerstone of a well-crafted financial plan. As we develop your tailored portfolio, we invest in asset classes that align with your risk tolerance, individual goals and personal values. 

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