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trusted partners in your life's journey,

committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.

At Sonoma Wealth Advisors, we embody a level-headed spirit to offer realistic planning. 

Our transparent focus means we aim to shed light on the behavioral underpinnings of financial decisions, so you can make wise choices time and again. Our approachable team creates a warm environment in which mutual engagement can thrive.

With diverse educational backgrounds and experiences, we are well-versed in the spectrum of wealth management services.

Daren Blonski, CFP®, AIF® Photo
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Daren Blonski, CFP®, AIF®

Managing Principal

Daren Blonski, CFP® is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Sonoma Wealth Advisors. He is a learner, educator, entrepreneur, and life coach.  With a Master of Arts in Psychology from Sonoma State University, he is deeply connected to helping clients take their lives to the next level.  His clients see him as an educator and coach, operating in the realm of financial planning.

Working with clients across the life-stage spectrum, he focuses particularly on assisting entrepreneurs looking to soak up life and maximize their fulfillment.   He is an advocate of Dave Ramsey’s approach to organizing and prioritizing one’s finances.

He is always looking to take his practice to the next level.   Daren is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Certified Retirement Planner Specialist™, a Certified Retirement Planning Counselor™, an Accredited Asset Management Specialist™ and a Smartvestor Pro™ with Dave Ramsey.  He is deeply committed to the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Multi-dimensional in his interests, he facilitates leadership training with non-profits, particularly those in Sonoma Valley.  He has worked extensively internationally with the curriculum based on The Leadership Challenge framework. As an avid reader, he is always exploring new ideas and themes to incorporate into his life.

As a lifelong resident of Sonoma County, if there is a race to be run, a weight to be lifted, a mountain to be climbed, Daren is all in.  He loves the outdoors. He spends his spare time pursuing his physical and mental agility through various outdoor and physical health-related activities.  With all this said, Daren’s greatest joys are his three children: Brooklyn, Bryton, and Brady.

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Russell Van Sistine, CFP® Photo
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Russell Van Sistine, CFP®

Principal Advisor

As a child, I remember talking to a stranger about her life as a physician. She beamed as she spoke of her patients, experiences and making a difference; the passion with which she spoke drove straight into me. I knew I wanted to live a life of service to others and I wanted to be a doctor. After high school, I was privileged to serve a two-year mission. I directly aided many different communities helping people move, cleaning houses for those that could not, praying with those who were sick; witnessing the joy as well as the suffering of others. This strengthened my desire to help.

At my first college mixer, I met the love of my life, Jenny. A year and a half later, we were married. Shortly thereafter, I got into my first college biology course where I realized quickly that it was not for me and I couldn't fathom the thought of studying it for the rest of my life. Then Jenny and I made the very sensible decision to go on a three-week tour of Europe with the business students. On that trip, I became close to one of the economics professors and through our conversations, I discovered that finance and economics are amazing and exciting, and I could be of service to others doing something I love. I now have a bachelor's degree in financial economics.

My wife, Jenny, and I now have three children, Lexi (6), Oakley (4), and Tessa (1). The five of us love to explore the world through travel and books. Jenny and I always find a way to dance together either in the kitchen or at the restaurants we visit. Lexi and Oakley are growing in skill in their Taekwondo classes. 

Being a financial advisor is having the opportunity to continue studying the ever-changing field of economics and finance and utilize my passion for service. Guiding my clients with enthusiasm and passion. Those in the medical profession are trained to do something that I dreamed of doing – they help people heal. As your financial advisor, I will help you remove and eliminate the emotional burden that can come with family finances, freeing you to focus on the things you are passionate about.

At your service,

Russell Van Sistine, CFP®

Ben Sedillo, AAMS® Photo
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Ben Sedillo, AAMS®

Principal Advisor

Raised by his mom, Ben learned at an early age the importance of building a solid financial foundation. Growing up in the Central Valley of California, much of Ben’s childhood was spent working to contribute to the household finances. In fact, a core memory for Ben is of him punching a clock for his grandparents when he was in elementary school to earn money to buy school clothes. This kind of responsibility taught him about the value of working hard, setting goals, and supporting loved ones.

His unique background makes Ben much more empathetic to the challenges his clients face when building, maintaining, and transferring wealth. That’s why he is so passionate about understanding what’s important to his clients. Ben feels that through thoughtful and specific planning he can help his clients avoid the struggles that he had endured while growing up. That way, not only can they feel prepared for different life events, they can be confident about achieving their financial dreams.

As a young man, Ben followed in his brother’s footsteps to serve the country in the United States Coast Guard. After finishing his time in the service, Ben started what became a very successful career in banking. The various positions that Ben held in banking earned him a wealth of experience, which culminated in working as a Financial Advisor, licensed and practicing since 2007. 

Ben is a talented songwriter, a lucky husband to his wife, Mia, and proud father to Grace (13), Ava (8), and Donovan (3). He cherishes his family and creating moments with them. Whether it’s traveling, camping, or enjoying Sonoma County where he has lived since 2009, Ben sees his family as the center of his universe.

Kevin Morrow Photo
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Kevin Morrow

Principal Advisor

Kevin has worked in the financial services industry since 1987. He spent his first decade in the insurance business, then became a bank-based Financial Advisor in Sonoma and Napa Counties. After a long career in with his previous institution, Kevin has decided to join Sonoma Wealth Advisors to continue to grow his business with Todd Gomes, Ben Sedillo and the Sonoma Wealth Advisors team.

Kevin grew up on a large dairy farm in River Falls Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls where he studied Agricultural Economics. After moving to Sonoma County in the early 1980s, Kevin became very interested in the wine industry. While pursuing his passion as a winemaker, he met Wendy, now his wife of 31 years. He has two stepchildren, Kopavi and Rachel, and a son, Dillon. 

Kevin is the winemaker and owner of Tara Bella Winery in the Russian River Valley, a producer of Gold Medal winning Cabernets. When he's not hard at work, Kevin spends his time with family and friends at their winery. He loves all outdoor activities: softball, golf, hiking, camping and traveling the world with Wendy. He enjoys reading about people overcoming adversities and success stories. Being from Wisconsin, he describes himself as a huge fan of all Wisconsin sports teams and is a proud owner/shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. 

Todd Gomes, AIF® Photo
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Todd Gomes, AIF®

Principal Advisor

With a financial advisory practice rooted in tried-and-true money management principles, Todd approaches wealth management from a customized planning perspective.

Skilled at explaining sophisticated wealth strategies and market dynamics in a way that’s easily understandable, Todd works with his clients to outline specific goals, and customizes each portfolio from the ground up, so that his clients can realize specific life goals within specific periods of time.

With 15 years of industry experience, Todd has worked extensively in financial services; he began his career with Citibank, went on to Wachovia—where he met his wife Jessie—and later transitioned to Wells Fargo where he remained for several years before joining the team at Sonoma Wealth Advisors.

Todd Gomes is a Sonoma County native. He lives in Santa Rosa with his wife, Jessie, and their two children, Keeley, age 8, and Kaleho, age 3. 

Educationally, Todd has his Bachelor of Arts from Cal State East Bay, and he’s spent years studying modern portfolio theory and asset allocation strategies in a professional capacity. In his spare time, Todd enjoys hiking, playing guitar well, and playing golf poorly. 

Chris Sipes, AIF® Photo
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Chris Sipes,


Principal Advisor

Chris brings over 13 years of experience in the financial industry to Sonoma Wealth Advisors. As a co-founder of Sonoma Wealth Advisors he operates as the Chief Compliance and Investment Officer. Chris is passionate about investing and is always exploring proven strategies and techniques to assist clients in reaching their financial goals

Chris previously worked for a large national bank serving business owners and high net worth individuals. During that time, he developed a reputation as a trusted partner for his many long-term clients. He began his career in 2006 with a large, family-owned commercial insurance agency, working with business owners to identify their risks and secure customized coverage from a wide range of insurance companies.

Chris relocated from Ohio to California in 2008 to seek sun and adventure in the West. As an avid reader, Chris enjoys the stories and the personalities behind the numbers. He understands that the best plan won’t work if it’s not a plan that will work for you, and that the decisions you’re facing can be approached in a thoughtful, strategic way. Chris believes the best advice is the advice you’ll implement and see through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Chris and his wife, Sandra, have two daughters and live in Sonoma. He’s a graduate of The Ohio State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and hiking with his family.

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Debra Garcia, LUTCF®, AIF® Photo
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Debra Garcia, LUTCF®, AIF®

Principal Advisor

With over 30 years’ experience helping organizations develop employee benefits strategies for her clients, Debbie operates as Sonoma Wealth Advisors business-to-business expert. She supports the firm’s clients with their overall benefits strategies including 401K’s, and defined benefit solutions. Debbie is a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and holds her Series 65 and Insurance licenses. 

She is a long-time resident of Napa. She and her husband of 36 years, Tim, enjoy fine wines, reading, and quality time with their family. They have two children, Christopher and Clare. Debbie likes to spend her weekends reading, crafting, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family. 

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Zach Paul, CFP® Photo
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Zach Paul, CFP®

Principal Advisor

I live in Napa, CA and grew up in Boulder, CO. I am an avid soccer player and outdoor sports enthusiast. A graduate from the University of Vermont, I was a D1 soccer player and academic scholar. Now I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and hold the Accredited Asset Management Specialist and Certified Retirement Planning Counselor designations. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife, Melissa, and our two dogs.

As an athlete, I experienced a career-ending leg injury and wanted to help prevent other athletes from having a similar experience as a doctor. As I pursued this dream and gained acceptance to medical school, I learned about the financial stress of education debt, and found I could make just as much of an impact helping others as a "financial doctor". Thus, I changed directions and pursued a career in finance.

I am passionate about helping clients confidently navigate the many obstacles that life can present. By using a team approach, we offer our clients a more comprehensive experience so that they have personalized attention and meaningful guidance around the various events in life. Our aim is to enrich the lives of our clients and their families, and better our community.

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Clay Dunkle, AIF®, AAMS® Photo
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Clay Dunkle, AIF®, AAMS®

Financial Advisor

Clay was born and raised in Sonoma about a mile from our home office. Having grown up here playing baseball, basketball, and soccer, he has gotten to know many of the local families that make our town so special. Now, as a financial advisor and a youth baseball coach, he is strengthening those relationships and building many new ones.

Clay’s interest in investing began in his early teens when his grandmother gave him a book of Warren Buffet quotes. He became enamored with the investing legend’s life story and investing style. This was the beginning of his endless love of education on all things investing. 

Clay holds his Series 65 securities license with Sonoma Wealth Advisors, and serves in the capacity of an investment advisor representative. He is also an Accredited Asset Management SpecialistSM (AAMS®) and an Accredited Investment FiduciaryTM (AIF®). A lover of learning and personal development, he is currently studying to become a Certified Financial PlannerTM.

When he’s not hard at work, Clay is somewhere outside with his friends and family, either exercising, playing golf, camping, adventuring the globe, or at a baseball tournament.

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Adi Calixtro, AIF® Photo
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Adi Calixtro, AIF®

Client Service Associate

A Sonoma County native, Adilene Calixtro was raised in Windsor, California. She is the child of entrepreneurs who taught her how to work hard and serve her community through faith and commitment. She is a proud wife and mother of three. She and her family love to explore the outdoors and are active in their faith. Bilingual and influential amongst the Latino community, Adi is dedicated to helping a generation of Latino Americans understand and build a legacy of financial independence.

As a veteran to the financial industry, Adi previously worked as a branch manager for a large bank and most recently served wealth management clients in Sonoma County. Her 10 years in the industry has helped her to see many facets of the financial services industry. Adi serves clients throughout the nation as a seasoned financial advisor.

Sarah Hallas has over 19 years of experience in the financial services. She previously worked with a large bank in Sonoma County, supporting their advisor services group. As an avid runner, she recently completed her 37th marathon. Her tenacity and attention to detail make her an ideal client partner. Sarah works with Sonoma Wealth Advisors clients to assist them with their financial planning and investment portfolios. She enjoys working with her clients and hearing about their travels and life experiences. She lives in Cotati, California, with her boyfriend, Tom, and their son, Tommy Jr. When not running or working, she is taking care of her four dogs, three horses, two pet pigs, and a handful of other animals. 

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Rose Rosen Photo
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Rose Rosen

Client Service Associate

Rose has served clients in the financial services industry for over 40 years. She has extensive experience helping clients navigate their financial planning needs. As the Director of Client Service she is responsible for crafting the experience for Sonoma Wealth Advisor clients. Our clients get to know Rose well, as she is the go-to lead for day-to-day account operations.  

Rose lives with her husband, Mike, in Rohnert Park. She is the proud mother of two, Rachael and Joe. Anytime she finds herself baking in the kitchen surrounded by her children she is happily at home. Rose has great relationships with her kids and loves to support them in their life. If not with her kids, she is often found wandering the many antique stores found in Sonoma County. 

Alison Lasley Photo
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Alison Lasley

Client Experience Associate

Alison has lived in Sonoma for almost 25 years and has raised four boys in the valley.  She has worked in administration for a few organizations while homeschooling her children and running a small business.  With most of her children now out on their own, she is adding new adventures into her schedule.  Alison has always appreciated the personal touch provided by the team at Sonoma Wealth Advisors and looks forward to adding to the positive atmosphere provided for clients.

Alison and her husband, Steve, are proud new grandparents and enjoy any time they get to gather with family. When not with her granddaughters, you can find Alison hiking the beautiful Sonoma hillsides.

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